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To enter the Awards, head for the Awards Portal visit this link. Once on the site, click on the 'Register' button top right to create an account, then start completing your entries. Click on Guidance Notes or the '?' symbols on the Awards Portal if you need any help in completing your entry.

Entries must be paid for before they can be considered for the Awards. To pay for your entries, select the entries you wish to pay for in the 'Completed and Not Paid' section, then click on the 'Pay for Selected Entries' button.

Next, click on 'Generate an Invoice' to generate an invoice that can be paid by bank transfer (BACS) or credit card. The system will then generate an invoice for your entries. This should be settled immediately. If you already have Dot Media set up as a supplier, please settle the invoice in the usual manner. If we are not set up as a supplier, either use the details on the invoice to pay by BACS, or click on Pay by Card to pay by credit card. If you have any queries regarding payment, please email: awards@mobilemarketingmagazine.com

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards use a simple but effective scoring system which gives some weighting to Effectiveness, but also takes other factors into consideration. Entries are judged on three criteria – Originality, Quality of Execution and Effectiveness. For apps, there is a fourth criterion: User Experience. Originality, Quality of Execution and User Experience are scored out of 10, while Effectiveness is scored out of 15. Here's what the judges are looking for in each instance...

How original or innovative is the campaign or solution entered? Has anything like this been done before? If so, what makes this execution different or original?

Quality of Execution
Here, the judges are looking for some insight into the thought processes behind the creation of the campaign, app or solution. What were the business objectives it set out to achieve, and how did the entrant set about achieving them? For ad campaigns, for example, what was the creative execution? And how did the entrant set about targeting the right audience for the campaign? In short, the judges are looking for evidence of sound planning and faultless execution.

User Experience
For the app categories, there is an additional scoring criterion of User Experience. As the name suggest, this is all about the usability of the app. The best apps are often those which do a few things very well. More sophisticated apps sometimes fall down on the User Experience. Judges score apps for User Experience by simply downloading the app and using it as a normal user would.

Scoring in this section is all about the results. We appreciate that KPIs (Key performance Indicators) for Effectiveness will vary significantly from one category to another, including factors such as the number of app downloads and increases in sales or market share. What the judges are looking for is evidence that the entry hit its numbers. If results are confidential, please make this clear on your Entry and we will respect the need for confidentiality. It goes without saying that in an Awards Program focused on Effectiveness, entries submitted with no results will be at a disadvantage from the outset.

Rules of Entry
Please read on for the full Rules of Entry
All entries should be should be submitted by the Awards deadline, which is midnight (UK time) on Friday, 4 August 2017. 
The entries submitted after 4 August will be a subject to £50 surcharge. The final Late Entry Award deadline is midnight (UK time) on Friday, 18 August 2017. 

Entries must be submitted via the Awards Portal by clicking here.
Campaigns/projects may be entered into multiple categories.

Cost of Entry
The cost to enter one campaign or solution into one category is £175 + VAT. The cost to put the same entry into an additional category is an additional £175 + VAT. So to enter a single campaign or solution into one category costs £175; into two categories, £350; into three categories, £525. To enter two separate campaigns or solutions would cost £350 if entered into one category each. Either campaign or solution could be entered into multiple categories following the cost guidelines above. Entries submitted after the deadline of 4 August 2017 but before the final Late Entry deadline of 18 August 2017 will be subject to a £50 one-off surcharge per entry, per category. Payment for each entry can be made via the Awards Portal at this link

A completed entry form is required for EACH entry. If you are entering the same campaign in more than one category, simply select each category you want to enter the campaign in.

Any queries should be addressed to the Awards team at: awards@mobilemarketingmagazine.com

The judges reserve the right to move an entry from one category to another if they believe it has been submitted to the wrong category and there is another, more appropriate category for it.

The judges reserve the right to withdraw a category if insufficient entries are received.

You may include supporting materials, in addition to your entry form, as follows:

  • Images – maximum of 5
  • PDF – maximum 6 pages
  • PowerPoint presentation – maximum 6 slides
  • Link to one video, maximum 3 minutes duration

If you include links to any sites in support of your entry, please make sure these links work, and please supply any username/password combinations needed to access them.

Eligibility – Any campaigns/platforms/solutions which ran or were developed in calendar year 2016 or calendar year 2017 are eligible for entry in the Awards. We welcome entries from across the world.

The judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Commercial sensitivity. Any information contained in your Awards entry which is not for publication should be clearly marked 'Not for publication'.

By submitting an entry, you confirm that you agree with the Rules of Entry.

The Awards Ceremony takes place in London on 16 November. For more details on the Ceremony, click on the Ceremony tab.

There are 36 categories in which to enter this year, with several new categories, including Most Effective Launch Campaign; Most Creative Campaign; and Most Effective Personal Assistant App.

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